Two female friends want to marry the same man, looking for a boy by posting on social media

Best Friends Marry One Man: You must have often seen that no girl wants to share her love with any other girl. On the contrary, a very surprising case has come to light from Malaysia. Two friends living in Malaysia want to marry the same man. These two friends made such a post on Facebook, which has shocked everyone.

Two friends want to marry the same boy

On a page called Sensei Malaysia on Facebook, these two friends have told that both want to become sautan and want to marry the same person. It has been written in the post of this Facebook page that both the friends are looking for a boy who can marry both of them. Apart from this, both the friends have also shared their choice on the page. He wrote that both of them are best friends and they have no problem in becoming each other’s sister.

Both the friends have also shared details about themselves on the Facebook post. According to the Facebook page, the age of a friend is 31 years. At the same time, the age of the second friend is 27 years. 31 year old girl is the mother of a child. While the 27-year-old girl runs her own laundry business. It was written in the Facebook post that both of them want a husband who will accept them as they are both. He wrote that if a person can accept two wives, then the relationship is acceptable to him.

Friends trying their luck on Facebook

Apart from this, it has been written in the post that she is trying her luck on Facebook. If their luck is good, then they can find such a man here. As soon as this post was shared on Facebook, it went viral from there. People are commenting in abundance on the post. Many people are also having fun by tagging their friends.

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